We are an engineering firm specialising in complex installations that is committed to sustainability and innovation.

Who we are. What we do

Engineering a better world

Our services

Project Engineering

We design, plan, coordinate and manage all our projects based on the needs of our clients and within the different parameters of each installation with future sustainability in mind.

Technical Consulting

We support our clients to design and achieve the best strategy possible within their technical requirements using an approach based on partnership, bringing our know-how and values to the relationship to ensure success.

Energy Consulting

Energy drives our expertise; we provide our know-how to ensure our client’s installations optimise energy efficiency and have the best possible energy strategy.

Legal Consulting

We help our clients with regulatory compliance, both in terms of obtaining the correct permissions and licenses for the operating activities of the installations, as well as guaranteeing people’s safety and the protection of the environment.

Sustainability Consulting

We are committed to delivering the most sustainable solutions to protect the environment. We support our clients in bringing the very best they have to offer in order to contribute to a better world.


We are committed to research and development as the driving force for growth, both in society in general and also for our own professional and personal development. We are involved in a range of projects involving European and regional funding.

The partners

Narcis Armengol

Managing Director


Enric Ros

Technical Director. Project Engineering and Technical Consulting Director.


Esther Izquierdo

Innovation Director


Gustavo Crespo

Legal Consulting Director


Our team

ARCbcn has a team of over 35 professionals with a wealth of experience and specialist training in engineering and energy consultancy, to ensure that our clients receive the best service and quality for their projects. The team includes a range of academic profiles, the majority of which include technical postgraduate and master’s qualifications in

Some of our clients

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Professionalism, knowledge, cohesion, innovation, commitment.

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