• Technical Consulting

    We support our clients to design and achieve the best strategy possible within their technical requirements using an approach based on partnership, bringing our know-how and values to the relationship to ensure success.

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Concept design

During the early stages of the engineering process, conceptual designs are proposed that meet the client’s requirements, and preliminary studies and draft projects are drawn up.

Master plan for installations

Drawing up of master plans analysing the evolution of the installations over time to address the current and future equipment requirements.


ARCbcn offers BIM implementation services focusing on return on investment. The team works with the client organisation developing BIM implementation plans on an organisational, departmental or project level.

Air quality optimisation

ARCbcn helps companies and administrations to turn the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity to improve their facilities and reorganise their processes to ensure the wellbeing of their staff.

To do this, ARCbcn has carried out an exhaustive study of HVAC systems in buildings and other purification technologies to provide the best consultancy and engineering service in light of COVID-19.

Commissioning and post commissioning

The quality control process for completed installations to commission and fine tune the installations to ensure optimum operation.

Outsourced technical services

Ongoing advisory service for the client relating to the building, management and servicing of their equipment relating to the installations and energy.

Technical audit

Drawing up of a technical evaluation document analysing the obsolescence of the installation, functional issues and any design errors or regulatory non-compliance.

Fire protection projects

Development of basic fire protection projects in order to obtain a favourable report from the fire service, local council or inspection body.

Maintenance plan

Drawing up of a continuous action plan for the installations to ensure their correct use and maintenance, in accordance with current legislation.

Procurement of works and services assistance

Advice and drafting of the different documents required for works tenders (project drafts, works construction, etc.) and/or service outsourcing (maintenance, cleaning, etc.). Drawing up of technical specifications, defining technical solvency, award criteria and penalties. Evaluation of technical offers and drawing up of technical evaluation reports.

Master plans for tenders

Study of current bids and ranking and scheduling of subsequent ones.

Implementation of CMMS/FM systems

Advice and support in the implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and or Facilities Management software.

FM service contract monitoring

Supporting clients in monitoring their external facilities management contracts (maintenance, cleaning, etc.). facilities externalitzats (manteniment, neteja, etc).