We are an engineering firm specialising in complex installations that is committed to sustainability and innovation.We are aware of our responsibility to contribute to a better world and of the needs of our clients to accomplish their objectives.

“We are a company with values adding value”

We are increasingly immersed in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environment in which technological development has seen exponential growth.

As a result, the market demands agile companies capable of adapting to emerging needs and prepared to function in an ongoing state of learning, in order to provide their clients with the best knowledge and possible solutions.

Due to the importance of providing sustainable solutions for the preservation of the environment, in 2023 we began a union process with the energy and sustainability consultancy ERF to build together a solid business project.


Protecting the environment in the context of a global and competitive market requires specialist companies with technical knowledge and the ability to adapt effectively and create strategic partnerships.


To provide knowledge, innovation and quality services with a high added value, in order to improve safety, people’s wellbeing and protect the environment, throughout the engineering and consulting process. From Barcelona to the world.


Knowledge, trust, commitment, empathy, innovation, environment, professionalism, proximity and quality.

The company

ARCbcn was founded in 2012 through the merger of Armengol Enginyers and RC & Crespo Enginyers. The name ARCbcn was inspired by the word “ARC” and represents the coming together of the two names. It is also a symbol of connection and a fundamental engineering concept.

Our many years’ experience has made us a leading company, well-known in Barcelona, in the fields of engineering, installations consulting, legal consulting, energy and environment consulting and R+D projects.

ARCbcn has a desire to take its knowledge and company values from Barcelona to the world. In view of this ARCbcn works with a network of partners across the planet to facilitate knowledge sharing and added value.

Our team

Narcis Armengol

Partner - Managing Director


Enric Ros

Partner - Technical Director. Project Engineering and Technical Consulting Director


Esther Izquierdo

Partner - Innovation Director


Gustavo Crespo

Partner - Legal Consulting Director


The team: broad experience in engineering and project management. ARCbcn has a team of professionals with a wealth of experience and specialist training in engineering and energy consultancy, to ensure that our clients receive the best service and quality for their projects.

The team includes a range of academic profiles, the majority of which include technical postgraduate and master’s qualifications in project management and business management from recognised universities and business schools.

The numbers











Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to the needs of our social, environmental and economic environment.

We responsibly contribute to the development of our environment.

We consciously work to fulfil sustainable development goals. The focus of our work is based on energy and sustainability goals such as: 13. Climate action, 7. Affordable and clean energy, 6. Clean water and sanitation and 11. Sustainable cities and communities.

In terms of personnel, we are working towards equality and understand the value of diversity. Currently our engineering consulting company team is roughly 35% female. This contributes towards achieving goals: 5. Gender equality and 10. Reduced inequalities.

Our passions include education and awareness on the importance of good energy use and sustainability, in order to achieve goal 4. Quality education. 

It is clear to us that knowledge and development are key factors in the evolution of society, and we therefore choose to contribute to the achievement of goals: 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and 8. Decent work and economic growth.

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Professionalism, knowledge, cohesion, innovation, commitment.

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