HYPERGRYD aims at developing a set of replicable and scalable cost effective technical solutions to allow the integration of RES with different dispatchability and intrinsic variability inside Thermal Grids as well as their link with the Electrical Grids, including the development of innovative key components, in parallel with innovative and integrated ICT services formed by a scalable suite of tools for the proper handling of the increased complexity of the systems from building to Local Energy Community (LEC) levels and beyond, accelerate the sustainable transformation, planning and modernization of District Heating and Cooling (DHC) toward 4th and 5th generation. HYPERGRYD also aims at developing real time management of both electrical and thermal energy flows in the coupled energy network complex, including the synergies between them.

Therefore, HYPERGRYD aims at three over-arching General Objectives:

  • To prove Smart Energy Networks as the future of Efficient Energy Management in DHC in synergy with the Electrical Grids in
    LEC/Smart Cities of the future.
  • To define the roadmap to design and planning of future DHC as well as the modernization of the existing ones in different climates
    and RES penetration levels toward 4th-5th generation.
  • To demonstrate HYPERGRYD RES-based Enabling Technologies, Smart Energy Grid Solutions empowered by new ICT tools and
    services as the key for this evolution.

During the project, the HYPERGRYD’s solutions will be implemented across 4 Live-In-the-Labs cases in 3 representative climates provided by the consortium, with special consideration to their cost effectiveness and potential replicability to finally achieve these 3 main objectives. All these tasks will follow the proposed work program activities to ensure systematic and scientific performance measures, feedback and powerful exploitation.

The project has a 5.9 million euros budget for a term of 42 months and is led by ARCbcn.

  • Project Title: Hypergryd, hybrid coupled networks for thermal-electric integrated smart energy Districts
  • Duration: 2021 – 2025
  • Consortium: 19 partners
  • Coordinated by: ARCbcn
  • Funding: Horizon Europe
  • Grand agreement ID: 101036656